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Project Overview

108 Builders is a well-established construction company in Manchester. They wanted to establish a strong online presence for their business. They wished for a website that would showcase their portfolio of projects, expertise and other services. Doing so will help them in attracting potential customers.


1. Outdated Website Design
2. Performance Issues
3. Mobile Responsiveness
4. Brand Image Improvement

1. Challenges:

  • Limited Online Visibility: The website was not properly built hence, it was reducing the online presence of the website. 
  • High competition: As you know, the construction industry is highly competitive. Therefore, they wanted a brand new and properly optimised website to get more potential clients. 
  • Brand Identification: They needed a website through which they could portray their project portfolio. The website should convey their commitment, thereby helping them to attain client satisfaction.
  • Project Gallery: 108 Builders wanted a website that shows their project to the clients, thereby showcasing their expertise. 


2. Our Approach:

  • Website Development: Our primary goal was to build a quality website for their website. We have come up with a visually appealing website representing the brand and its services. 
  • Showcasing their portfolio: We have created a dedicated project portfolio section for the business. The section has high-quality images that represent their past projects. 
  • Mobile-friendly design: We have created a mobile-friendly website for them so that it could get them more leads by reaching out to a large audience.
  • Clients’ Reviews: We have even a separate section for clients’ reviews to reflect the reputation of the company.
  • Local SEO: Lastly, we have done local SEO which is required for a newly built website for a better ranking on the search engine. 

3. Results:

The newly built website boosted the online presence of the business making it easier for them to attract more customers. The project portfolio section plays a significant role in a construction company as it represents the quality of their work. Hence, the portfolio section is a powerful tool for such an industry. Adding a portfolio page into the website has helped in attracting new clients.

The clients’ testimonials helped in winning the trust of the customer. It also represented that 108 Builders are known for their quality work and professionalism.

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