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Kinesiology & Tesla Purple Plates


Project Overview

Alan Lam a renowned author having expertise in Kinesiology approached us to redesign and redevelop his website. He not only portrays his book on Kinesiology but also sells Tesla Purple Plates. His product Tesla Purple Plates is a unique energy-enhanching product that relieves pain. It heals you and has a positive impact on your health.

Alan wanted a dynamic website where he could promote the sale of Tesla Purple Plates. Along with this, he also wanted a website that served as a learning hub for Kinesiology maniacs.


1. Outdated Website Design
2. Performance Issues
3. Mobile Responsiveness
4. Brand Image Improvement

1. Challenges:

  • Different Products & Service Offerings: They needed a well-structured website wherein he could display innovative energy products and educational books on Kinesiology. 
  • Brand Alignment: The website needed to be designed in a way that aligns with his brand. A website showing the unique benefits of Tesla Purple Plates as well as his expertise in Kinesiology. 
  • User Experience: The previous website of Alam Lam lacked a user-friendly interface which affected the conversion rate.
  • E-commerce Functionality: The website needed an e-commerce functionality to drive the online purchase of Tesla Purple Plates. 


2. Our Approach:

  • Redesigning of the website: A user-friendly design was needed to promote both Alan Lam’s book and Tesla Purple Plates. Hence, we create a modern and visually appealing website. 
  • Integrating E-commerce Functionality: It implies a robust e-commerce integrated website with a secure payment system. It will help in seamless trade for Tesla Purple Plates. 
  • Responsive Design: The responsive design of the website enhances the user experience.
  • SEO Optimisation: We have optimised the website with relevant keywords like “Kinesiology Books”, “Tesla Purple Plates” and so on. It will help in better ranking and increase the online visibility of the website. 

3. Results:

After building up the website for Alan Lam, the visitor finds it easier to explore both his books and products. Now, the website has both his books and a range of Tesla Purple Plates. The user-friendly design has decreased the bounce rate of the website and increased the engagement rate.

An increase in the engagement rate of the website has led to an increase in the sale of Tesla Purple Plates. The proper SEO strategy implemented on the website has helped in better ranking on the search engine thereby boosting online visibility.

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