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Project Overview

M-Cabs is a well-established taxi service provider in Lyme Regis. They approached us for our excellent web design and development service. M-Cabs has a reputation for dependability and customer service. They wanted a website that reflected its dedication to quality while making it easy for clients to book rides.


1. Outdated Website Design
2. Performance Issues
3. Mobile Responsiveness
4. Brand Image Improvement

1. Challenges:

  • Limited Online Visibility: The online presence of M-Cabs’ website was too low. Thus, it was making it difficult for the potential customer to book their ride. 
  • Outdated Website: Their previous website was outdated with an inadequate booking system. Those issues resulted in an awful user experience. 
  • Competition: Lyme Regis, the location in which M Cabs offers services, has a lot of other taxi providers too. Hence, they needed to stand out from the crowd and attract customers.
  • Mobile Friendliness: The website needed to be mobile-friendly to encourage more smartphone bookings. 


2. Our Approach:

  • Mobile Optimisation: We have optimised the website to make it mobile-friendly thereby allowing the website to reach a broader audience. 
  • Website Redesign & Development: We have redesigned and developed the website with a user-friendly design. Hence, making it simple and easy to browse. 
  • Local SEO: We have optimised the website for local search. Doing so will help M Cabs appear on the search engines whenever someone searches with the keyword “taxi service in Lyme Regis”.
  • Enhancing the Booking System: We have made an efficient booking system for the client so that it simplifies the booking procedure for the customers. 

3. Results:

The re-designed website has increasingly improved the online presence of M Cab’s website. It has resulted in attracting more potential customers. The new user-friendly website has helped in reducing the bounce rate and increasing the engagement rate of the website. 

The efficient booking system is helping them to achieve customer satisfaction. The Local SEO strategy has helped them get a better ranking on the search engine. 

If you are also seeking such transformation for your business, then reach out to us today! We will build a strategy for your website that drives tangible results. Our efforts transformed M-Cabs’ online presence, your story could be the next on our portfolio!


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